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Italian Definite Articles

Italian Definite Articles In English, the definite article (larticolo determinativo) has only one form: the. In Italian, on the other hand, l’articolo determinativo has different forms according to the gender, number, and even the first letter of the noun or adjective it precedes. It’s meant to indicate a precise, quantifiable object or person. This makes learning definite articles a bit more complicated, but once you know the structure, it’s relatively simple to get used to. il quaderno e la penna - the notebook and pen: In this example, the definite articles are â€Å"il† and â€Å"la.†i ragazzi e le ragazze - the boys and girls: In this example, the definite articles are â€Å"i† and â€Å"le.† Heres a table with the definite articles. Singular Plural Masculine il, lo, l i, gli Feminine la, l le Sometimes the articles can be tricky to pronounce (especially â€Å"gli†). When To Use  Definite Articles Here is a list of general rules for when to use definite articles. 1. Lo (pl. gli) is used before masculine nouns beginning with s consonant or z, like â€Å"lo zaino - the backpack† or â€Å"gli scoiattoli - the squirrels†. You will also see â€Å"lo† being used with masculine nouns that begin with â€Å"gn,† like â€Å"lo gnomo.† Here are some examples. lorologio- gli orologi watch- watcheslamico- gli amici friend- friends lo yoga   yogalo yogurt yogurtlo specchio- gli specchi mirror- mirrorslo stadio- gli stadi stadium- stadiumslo psicologo- gli psicologi psychologist- psychologistslo zero- gli zeri zero- zeros NOTE: there are a few exceptions: il dio- gli dà ¨i god- godsper lo meno at leastper lo pià ¹Ã‚  Ã‚  mostly 2. Il (pl. i) is used before masculine nouns beginning with all other consonants, like â€Å"il cibo - the food† or â€Å"i vestiti - the clothes.† 3. L’ (pl. gli) is used before masculine nouns beginning with a vowel, like â€Å"l’aeroporto - the airport,† 4. La (pl. le) is used before feminine nouns beginning with any consonant, like â€Å"la borsa - the purse† or â€Å"le scarpe - the shoes.† Here are some examples: la stazione- le stazioni train station- train stationsla zia- le zie aunt- auntslamica her friendlautomobile the car 5. L’ (pl. le) is used before feminine nouns beginning with a vowel, like â€Å"l’amica - the friend† or â€Å"le donne - the women.† The article agrees in gender and number with the noun it modifies and is repeated before each noun. la Coca–Cola e l’aranciata - the Coke and orangeadegli italiani e i giapponesi - the Italians and the Japanesele zie e gli zii - the aunts and unclesle zie e il nonno - the aunts and the grandfather The first letter of the word immediately following the article determines the article’s form. Compare the following: il giorno (the day) → l’altro giorno (the other day)lo zio (the uncle) → il vecchio zio (the old uncle)i ragazzi (the boys) → gli stessi ragazzi (the same boys)l’amica (the girl  friend) → la nuova amica (the new girl friend) Tips When Using Definite Articles In Italian, the definite article must always be used before the name of a language, except when the verbs parlare (to speak) or studiare (to study) come before the name of the language; in those cases, its up to you whether you want to use it or not. Studio l’italiano. - I study Italian.Studio italiano e arabo. - I study Italian and Arabic.Parlo italiano. - I speak Italian.Parlo l’italiano e il russo. - I speak Italian and Russian.Parlo bene l’italiano. - I speak Italian well. The definite article is also used before the days of the week  to indicate a repeated, habitual activity. Domenica studio. - I’m studying on Sunday. → Marco non studia mai la domenica. - Marco never studies on Sundays.Il lunedà ¬ vado al cinema (ogni lunedà ¬). - On Mondays, I go to the movies.On Monday I go to the movies. (Every Monday)Cosa fai di solito il giovedà ¬? - What do you usually do on thursday evenings?Di solito vado a giocare a carte con i miei nonni -   On thursday, usually I go and play cards with my grandparents. Finally, another common situation where the definite article is used is with telling the time. Notice here though that the article is combined with a preposition making something called an articulated preposition. Mi sono svegliato all’una. - I woke up at one.Vado a scuola alle dieci. - I’m going to school at ten. You can use it to indicate a category or a species in a generic sense: Il cane à ¨ il miglior amico delluomo (tutti i cani). - Dog is mans best friend (all dogs).Luomo à ¨ dotato di ragione. - Man is endowed with reason. (To talk about â€Å"every man†) Or to indicate a particular thing or an object: Hai visto il film? (quel film) - Have you seen the movie? (that movie)Hai visto il professore? - Have you seen the professor?Mi hanno rubato il portafogli. - They stole my wallet.Non trovo pià ¹ le scarpe. - I can’t find my shoes. You’ll also want to use it when preceding possessive pronouns: Lauto di Carlo à ¨ nuova, la mia no. - Charless car is new, but mine isnt. Or with geographical destinations, like: continents: lEuropacountries: lItaliaregions: la Toscanalarge islands: la Siciliaoceans: il Mediterraneolakes: il Gardarivers: il Pomountains: il Cervino (the Matterhorn) And finally, with parts of the body: Mi fa male la testa.- My head hurts. Definite Articles with Names Use definite articles with the last names of famous female celebrities: la Garbola Loren With all surnames in the plural: i Verrigli Strozzi With nicknames and pseudonyms: il Barbarossail Grisoil Canalettoil Caravaggio With proper names used without any specification: Mario but: il signor Mario With the last names of famous or well-known male characters, if not preceded by an adjective or title: Mozart but: il grande Mozart NOTE: There are instances in which the definite article is used, especially when referring to Italian writers: il Petrarcail Manzoni

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How did Ronald Reagan deal with the end of the Cold War Do you think Assignment

How did Ronald Reagan deal with the end of the Cold War Do you think he and Mikhail Gorbachev were partners or opponents - Assignment Example The SDI had lasers and other expertise to wipe out Soviet missiles in USA which lead to huge economic crisis in Soviet Union (D’Souza). The alarming situation of Soviet Union during the end of 1987 was the main reason for the Cold War to end. Mikhail Gorbachev took many reforms and policies to end the Cold War rivalry. His opinions were opposite to Reagan and followed the policies of Stalin. A summit was held in 1986 where Reagan and Gorbachev could not reach any negotiation due to difference in their agreements over missile defence (D’Souza). Later in 1987, new arms treaty was signed between USA and Soviet Union. The main focus of the treaty was to eliminate intermediate range nuclear force from Europe. This was done to reduce the nuclear attacks, collection of weapons and develop peace between the nations. The summit of 1987 addressed on eliminating nuclear forces and use of nuclear powers during war. Regan, Ronald, Cold War, Reference Library, Vol. 4, 2004, Web. August 4, 2014 from:

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Polanski & Spielberg Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Polanski & Spielberg - Term Paper Example The directors made films that hit the public both emotionally and dramatically. Their work was loved by all due to their sense of portraying the war and the post events of the war. The Pianist was released in 2002 written by Ronald Harwood and starred by Adrien Brody. The film is a biographical account of a pianist who is a Polish Jew. While the story truly depicts the hardships faced by the Jewish people in the World War II, it keenly takes in account the life of Szpielman being torn apart, his family being taken away from him, and his existence being vanished. Saving Private Ryan is an American film released in 1998. It is a war film based on the invasion of the Normandy in the World War II. The story is written by Robert Rodat who was inspired by the monument he saw which was built for the eight siblings killed in the American civil war. Thus, he wrote a narrative of the siblings in the World War II who had fought against the Germans. The film had received much of the praise from the audience as well has the critics, and won many awards too. These films have been a clear picture of what the World War II brought for the people and how cleanly the directors have pictured it. Comparison of the two films: Both the films have many similarities in their plots and their use of graphics. Since both the films are based on wars, they are more towards the horror aspect. They give the viewers a look of horror, suspense and thriller. The actors in both the films have done an outstanding job, the stories are strong and the use of graphics and screenplay makes the most out of the films. The difference in the films are the ways the directors have created the directed and the stories and how they have taken the stories along to reach the audience and to win their attention. Despite having the same theme, the directors have managed to give a wave of emotions in a different way that the audience of each movie would have felt something different after watching the movie. In the critical aspect, both the films have been immensely appreciated and praised by the critics and the audience and have successfully won the hearts of many. Both the works have been written in a war scene and they show the stories plotted on the World War II and the lives affected at that time. The films are known for their graphics and their depiction of the war scenes. Thus, the scenes of the war which are in most of the two movies can be compared and contrasted with each other. Both movies do not just show some scenes, in fact the whole movie of around two hours is based on a war scenario with different features of the war. There is a clear scene of the war in Saving Private Ryan where the Captain is looking for Ryan and enters the zone of war with his group. While he is searching for Ryan, and even after finding him, they face many of the troubles of the war together. In The Pianist, the scenes are also in the zone of war and show the struggles of the pianist during the war time. In this film, the main focus is made on the pianist with however, lesser scenes of the war than in Saving Private Ryan, but the scenes of the war have been presented pretty well. In the second aspect when we look at both of the films, we can see that not only do they show the similarities in the scenes of war, but they also show a plot on which the emotional lives

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Abolitionism - African American Essay Example for Free

Abolitionism African American Essay With abolition is found the gateway towards freedom. The African American influence in this area was of great authority especially in rural districts such as Lancaster and Chester Counties (Pennsylvania). In these groups sometimes the blacks worked alone and sometimes they partnered with whites. With this movement, African Americans used brute force to gain what they wanted (Bordewich, 138). Abolitionism was a great aid in spearheading the rights of blacks serving as soldiers. The abolitionism movement was fueled with evangelical religion, which deemed slavery as a sin. With this motto, members of the movement (both white and black) demanded that slavery be done away with, and terminated completely (Glatthaar, 15). The abolition movement is one in which its essential existence is tied integrally with that of African Americans, for it is their freedom which is at stake and is the goal of the movement. In the abolition movement is found the beginnings of the Anti-Slavery Society that has this as its constitution, This Society shall aim to elevate the character and condition of the people of color, by encouraging their intellectual, moral and religious improvement, and by removing public prejudice, that thus they may, according to their intellectual and moral worth, share an equality with the whites, of civil and religious privileges; but this Society will never, in any way, countenance the oppressed in vindicating their rights by resorting to physical force. Here is established the beating heart of the movement, to liberate the black community, and restore to them their God-given rights as humans to live freely, without adversity, without a fundamental challenge to their worth as part of humanity. Conclusion The myriad of influences the African American culture and people had on the Civil War is vast in its subjects, from black soldiers, the abolitionists, to their role in religion, African Americans have proven that their participation in the Civil War is essential. Black soldiers were only given praise and trustworthiness after they had proven themselves in the field of battle as equal compatriots to the Northern white soldier. During the clandestine times of the Underground Railroad, African Americans showed their dedication, and their strength of will through traveling thousands of miles to be free, and then they traversed the same paths in order to allow for other fugitives to find their way to the North. In Frederick Douglass there was found a man who stood for what he believed, not only in speech, but also in action. His deliberate animosity to ignorance in owning slaves helped to fuel the fires of the abolition movement, and thus the public awareness and knowledge of what slavery truly is: a vile creature, distorted with hate, and allowed to live only through dictatorship, and autocracy. McPherson states of the Civil War, â€Å"The Lincoln administration and the Republican press, even antislavery newspapers such as the new York Tribune, declared emphatically that the purpose of the war was the restoration of the Union, and that the issues of slavery and the Negro had nothing to do with the conflict† (22). Without the establishment of the Underground Railroad, the Abolitionist movement, and the fight for freed blacks to become soldiers, the Civil War would not hold for a history about the emancipation of a race, but the unification of a country instead. The ultimate influence that the African Americans had in the Civil War was their participation in all aspects of it; they were not going to be denied their human right to be their own masters, and without their voices and contributions in the war, slavery might not be an old issue. Without the personal stories of African Americans such as Frederick Douglass then the war would be empty of freedom. As McPherson quotes of Susie King Taylor, In this ‘land of the free’ we are burned, tortured, and denied a fair trial, murdered for any imaginary wrong conceived in the brain of the negro-hating white man. There is no redress for us from a government which promised to protect all under its flag. It seems a mystery to me. They say, ‘One flag, one nation, one country indivisible. ’ Is this true? Can we say this truthfully, when one race is allowed to burn, hang, and inflict the most horrible torture weekly, monthly, on another? No, we cannot sing, ‘My country, ‘t is of thee, Sweet land of Liberty’! It is hollow mockery. The Southland laws are all on the side of the white, and they do just as they like to the negro, whether in the right or not†¦(313). African Americans made this their war. Through fortitude and strength of will, they placed their faith in the decency of the Northern states and abolitionists to see the truth of the hate and prejudice in the country. The Civil War would not be about freedom, and the extraction of the activity of slavery in America if not for African Americans. African Americans paved the way for their own rebellion by speaking up, by acting, by using their talents in the field of battle and fighting for themselves, for liberation, for their sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. Without the influence of African Americans, the Civil War would have been just about unification. Work Cited Bordewich, Fergus M.Bound for Canaan. The Underground Railroad and the War for The Soul of America. HarperCollins, New York. 2005. Elkins, Stanely. Slavery. University of Chicago Press. 1976. Glatthaar, Joseph T. Forged in Battle: The Civil War Alliance of Black Soldiers and White Officers. The Free Press. New York, 1991. McPherson, James M. The Negro’s Civil War. Pantheon Books. New York, 1965. McPherson, James M. Ordeal by Fire. McGraw Hill. New York. 2001 Tracy, O. 2005. http://www. teacheroz. com/index. htm.

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The Society of Egypt Essay -- Egypt Cairo Culture Environment Climate

The Society of Egypt Works Cited Not Included The cultural traditions, social behavior and practices of any society in history are inextricably linked to the weather and climate of its region. River mouths have always been popular settling spots, even dating back to the ancient civilizations; these water sources provided life, transportation, and basic survival for these communities. Cairo was founded below the delta on the Nile River in Egypt because of the existence of the Nile. Today, this region is hot and dry with the exception of the land directly bordering the Nile. The climate and current weather in Cairo have a substantial impact on everyday life and society in this region. Unfortunately, because of the harsh environment of this northern African region, Cairo society as it is currently is unsustainable. The northern African Nile region was once a fertile, green, moist area of the world in post-glacial years (Lamb p90-91). Certain species existed in this area because of the moisture the Nile created in the region. Ancient Egyptian civilization in fact thrived because of the predictable and expansive flooding of the river that allowed for innovative irrigation and agricultural techniques necessary to create and maintain a stable and thriving civilization. Because of the initial success of the civilization in this region people continued to settle in Cairo as well as along the entire span of the Nile. Over the centuries however, as worldwide climate has changed and been altered by the increasing world population, the climate and weather in the Nile region as changed dramatically both naturally as well as resulting from human behavior. Desertification, overpopulation, and excessive and rapid industrialization have... ... the boundaries of everyday life for most people. Even the most affluent population of the world cannot always buy its way out of issues caused by climate change and environmental degradation due to human behavior. Conclusion Despite the socioeconomic and environmental issues of Cairo, Egypt continues to be a popular tourist destination because of its rich history. Although the region is suffering dramatically in current years from desertification and pollution from its overpopulated urban centers, the government and environmental groups are making a substantial effort to address underlying social issues and environmental concerns that can be improved with regional cooperation. International education regarding these issues will help to alleviate the strains on Cairo’s natural resources as well as create a model for a more environmentally sustainable society.

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What change does the main character experience from the beginning of the story to the end? From the beginning to the end of the story, the main character experiences her time when she was changing from child to woman. Growing up during the Great Depression in impoverished rural of Maryland, her family had been living through poverty and financial struggles.She was fourteen going on fifteen by that time so she understood everything her family or her neighbors had been through. But She and ere brother were so young and innocence that they liked running around and teasing Miss Little with her marigolds mounds that she planted every summer. And the rising action that changed her childhood was the midnight when she first heard a man that was her father cry in helplessness and hopeless because he couldn't get a job and take good care of the family.She felt his despair and her emotion of crying In fear, and degradation that led her run and ruin all the marigolds of Miss Little. When she loo ked up to â€Å"stared at her†, † that was the moment when childhood faded and manhood began†. She felt guilty, â€Å"awkward and ashamed† that moment marked the end of Innocence. Why did Miss Little plant the marigolds? She planted the marigolds because that was her happiness. They were very bright and colorful compared to her â€Å"sorry gray house†.Those passionate yellow mounds made her house really stand out. She took care of them â€Å"all summer, every summer† as her one Joy and hope. Without reviewing the story, what descriptive details do you remember? The detail that stands out In my mind Is the scene Elizabethan father cried out loud† In the middle of the night because he felt Impotent for not do anything for his wife and his kids In twenty-two years. A man Is always the leader of the house. Taking a good care of his family Is the most Important role they should.He was a strong man † who could whisk a child upon his shou lders and go singing through the house†. And † he sobbed, loudly and painfully, and cried helplessly and hopelessly In the dark night. † This really touches my heart. For the first time he despaired, and behind the wall, that also was the first time his daughter hear him cry. Marigolds By emphysema K. Kennedy job and take good care of the family. She felt his despair and her emotion of crying in the end of innocence.Why did Miss Little plant the marigolds? Remember? The detail that stands out in my mind is the scene Elizabethan father â€Å"cried out loud† in the middle of the night because he felt impotent for not do anything for his wife and his kids in twenty-two years. A man is always the leader of the house. Taking a good care of his family is the most important role they should. He hopelessly in the dark night. † This really touches my heart. For the first time he

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Socialization Explain Nature Vs Nurture Debate - 2070 Words

theon Burrows Sociology 27 Essay Socialization 1. DESCRIBE socialization, then EXPLAIN nature versus nurture debate. What is your position and why? What MAIN idea did each of the 6 theorists contribute to our understanding of human socialization? (You only need to give the top idea – for example: â€Å"Freud gave us a model of human personality.†) (Page #s) Socialization is the process of a person s personality throughout a lifetime viewed by experiences. Nurture VS. Nature debate how we develop our personality. Nurture is by watching things in society and by social activities like school, sports, or any social environment. Nature is getting a personality inherited by parents or family gene pool, that weren’t taught by family. (Page 126) My view of the debate is that is not so clear cut. There are bits and pieces of on both sides that I can say from my own life. I pick up traits from my father and grandfather that I didn’t know exist. The way I explain something, my temperament, and the way I eat. I notice I picked up things from my mother like creative mind and attention to detail. I develop my own personality by observing society, different cultures, and knowing what is right and wrong for me. I pride myself on having a compassionate heart if I could I would help the whole world. I got that way by taking things I saw every day in the life and figured that it’s easier and more helpful to society to help out your fellow man. The main ideas of these six theorists were: SigmundShow MoreRelatedSerial Killers1314 Words   |  6 Pagesthe debate over nature versus nurture. With that debate going on there are many topics that are being researched under it, like serial killers, and what drives them to do what they do. Many scientists are still researching whether or not if serial killers are driven by the way they were raised or if it is a part of their genes. This literature review will analyze what people think about the nature versus nurture debate. It will talk about the nature side and the nurture side of the debate. WhatRead MoreNature vs. Nurture1117 Words   |  5 PagesThe nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest issues in sociology (Davidson, 1991, n.p.). The debate centers on the relative contributions of genetics and environmental factors to human behavior (Davidson, 1991, n.p.). Today, the majority of experts believe that behavior and development are influenced by both nature and nurture (Macionis, 2009, p. 73). The biggest question now is which one affects human development more: nature or nurture? According to Macionis (2009, p. 72), in the pastRead MoreChildren Do Not Come Into The World With Culture1718 Words   |  7 Pagestimely schedule. However, what happens when children are kept in isolation and are never taught how to fit into society? Feral children, children kept in severe isolation, give sociologists and psychologists a new perspective into the study of socialization (N.A. 2015). If a child does miss the crucial milestones in their social and psychological development, then it will be hard, nearing impossible, to ever actually catch up in their development. Because it is dangerous and harmful to pull someoneRead MoreAgency And Structure And The Formation Of Human Behavior1142 Words   |  5 PagesAgency and structure are central problems in Social Theory; as individuals seek to comprehend the nature of social life and organization. Within the social sciences exists the debate over the primacy of structure or agency in the formation of human behaviour. Are ind ividuals within a society in control of their behaviour or is their behaviour being unconsciously influenced by social circumstances. The distinction between both is inherent in the development of sociology. Agency is the ability individualsRead MoreSocial Constructionism And Biological Determinism1552 Words   |  7 Pagesdetermined. The debate on the conceptualization of gender ranges over broad topics including nature vs. nurture and historical vs. the social understanding. The conceptualization of gender attempts to explain the causes for the apparent gender Biological determinism Vs. Social Constructionism Bhatia 3 differences that begin at birth, through the reasoning of either biological determination or cultural socialization. The notion of gender is accomplished through a process of socialization that acts asRead MoreHumans Learn Ethics From Their Environment1597 Words   |  7 PagesEnvironment There has been a huge debate throughout the years as to whether human beings are ethical by nature or whether ethics is acquired in other ways. Christian Keyser’s research has evidence showing that humans are ethical by nature; conversely the Milgram experiment propagates that humans are not ethical by nature. Humans learn ethics as a result of their genetic predisposition, as well as, environmental factors such as: culture, socialization, and nurturing. In order to understand ifRead MoreStudy questions Essay1333 Words   |  6 Pagesanthropology. Chapter 3. The Politics of Anthropology 1. Explain the relationship between ethnocentrism, cultural relativism and fieldwork in anthropology. Anthr 110 Gender, Age and Culture Instructor: Franà §ois Larose Study Questions Fall 2012 2. Explain the relationship between cultural relativism and political engagement through examples presented in the text. 3. What are the difficulties in bridging the gap between the two? 4. Explain and understand the difference between cultural relativismRead MorePsychology And Science Of A Heterosexual And Homosexual Man Through The Course Of Nature Vs. Nurture1168 Words   |  5 Pagesand science background comparing the neurological anatomy and science of a heterosexual and homosexual man through the studies; Simon LeVay, Roselli, Hamers, Sanders, Hansen. The perception of whether homosexuality conforms to the course of nature vs. nurture can influence the amount of scrutiny judged upon affected individuals. So, the purpose of this extended essay is to answer the research question of to what extent is there a biological basis with neurological structurally, genetically, hormonallyRead MoreHow Gender Is Learned Through Play2086 Words   |  9 Pagesemotional skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, and physical skills, to name a few. Children play and learn in different environments at home, day-care, relatives homes, parks, or at schools. Moreover, children learn gender roles through socialization and are reinforced through play. I will be examining how gender roles are learned through play beginning with a literature review followed by applying theory, and then examined through methods and empirical research. Finally, this assignment willRead MoreThe Nature Nurture Controversy : 20th Century Present3499 Words   |  14 Pages History of the Nature-Nurture Controversy: 20th Century-Present Mary Truong University of Regina The nature-nurture controversy is an age-old dispute that has been debated since at least the time of Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.E). According to the nature stance, who we are as individuals, that is, our physical characteristics, personality, intelligence, and how we behave, is biologically inherited, now known through our genetics. Hippocrates for instance, posited that human